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Our technology

Cutting The Cord

A new approach to a fully implanted LVAD, enabled by a revolutionary new pump and system design.

Our technology

Cutting The Cord

A new approach to a fully implanted LVAD, enabled by a revolutionary new pump and system design.

High Efficiency Pump

The CORVION centrifugal pump introduces a new standard for LVAD efficiency using key novel features:

  • Hybrid magnetically levitated impeller
  • Independently optimized motor and impeller
  • Ultra-low hemolysis


More Efficient

The pump draws less than 1.5 watts to deliver 5 liters/minute.


Less Hemolysis

The high flow efficiency results in less blood cell residence time, so less blood damage.

3 yr


The internal battery is designed to provide 3 years of service, and can be replaced with a simple surgery.

12 hr

Run Time Per Charge

Allows for complete untethered freedom for entire day and sleep without being connected to any external devices.

Small Internal Battery/Controller

The fully implanted battery and controller are a single integrated unit. It can power the pump independently for up to 12 hours, so patients can go about their daily activities without needing to wear any external devices. Additionally, patients can sleep untethered from battery packs or wall power.

  • Safe implantable-grade batteries
  • Bluetooth capable
  • Slim and unobtrusive

Wireless Charging

The system can simultaneously power the pump and recharge the internal battery. A lightweight, external Mobile Charger sends power through the skin to an internal receiving coil.

  • No fixation or precise alignment required
  • No cables or connectors
  • Free to be more active

2 hr


One unit can recharge implant twice before needing a recharge itself.

1 lb


The mobile charger is shaped to be worn in a light harness or pocket under clothing and is easily concealed.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the Corvion LVAD be available?

We are working hard to bring this technology to patients. The system is currently undergoing animal trials and we hope to begin human trials soon.

How are you able to create such a leap in pump performance?

The Corvion pump and motor combination incorporates a number of significant improvements over existing designs. In concert, these improvements result in smoother, more efficient blood flow, less blood damage, and vastly less power consumption. With low power consumption, a smaller controller and batteries are possible while requiring significantly less power to recharge.

How are you able to eliminate the percutaneous driveline?

With low power consumption, a small implanted battery is easily recharged through the skin without generating excessive heat, so no percutaneous driveline is needed.

What are some of the benefits of eliminating the percutaneous driveline?

With no cables or connectors, the system should be much easier for patients to live with. There are no cords to get caught during normal activities. The patient will simply charge the implant in the morning for 2 hours and then go about their daily activities. A second implant recharge will be performed prior to sleep. No external power devices will be needed during sleep.

Also, by eliminating the percutaneous driveline, infection risks associated with a permanently open wound are eliminated. No daily maintenance of sterile dressings is required, and the rate of serious infections should be significantly reduced.

How will the patient sleep?

We expect a much higher quality of sleep for Corvion patients compared to existing systems. Our patients will not need to be connected to any external power sources during sleep. The patient will simply charge their implant before bed and sleep unencumbered. If the patient needs to get up during the night there are no cables or peripheral equipment to manage.

Will the patient be able to bathe and swim normally?

Because the battery and controller are completely internal, we expect patients to be able to bathe normally and even swim. The 12 hour implant run time per charge should allow for peace of mind during these activities.

What other activities will be possible with this system?

We expect that patients should be able to participate in almost any activity that their general health and fitness would allow, based on their doctor’s recommendation. The simplicity of the system means that patients may be essentially unencumbered and should be free to bike, hike, fish, travel, etc.